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Meenu March 24, 2006 17:58

Split Volume in Gambit

I have a sphere and I want to split it into two halves or just two parts so that i get two faces. How to use Split volume tool in Gambit for this?

alex marshall March 25, 2006 01:13

Re: Split Volume in Gambit
make the one face for the plan u want to cut .... that plan may or many not be exteded out volume. that use split volume by face option ...........

2nd method is that make the four vertices on the diameter (the plan or face by which u wanna cut it) then make the lines and from theses lines make the face and then split that volume by that face ...........

is it clear ?????????

Meenu March 27, 2006 17:12

Re: Split Volume in Gambit
Hi Alex

I'm still not able to do this. Steps I'm following r? 1.Draw a sphere with given radius. 2.Draw a face(rectangle)with width as diameter of sphere and height as 0.0000001(almost negligible). 3.Then use split volume by face. 4.Then mesh. but it gives me errors in this. I'm new to this software ,may be i have some trivial questions, so pardon me for them. Please let me know where i'm making a mistake.



Jason March 28, 2006 09:31

Re: Split Volume in Gambit
First of all... Gambit has an absolute tolerance of 1e-06, which is larger than the 'height' you've specified... so with a specified width, and no 'height', this will give you a line... If you split a volume with a line, you'll end up with a volume that has an edge within it, and I'm not 100% sure how well Gambit will handle this, especially since it's not officially a line... in Gambit, it will not be sure if your height was 0 or 1e-06 (since the height you specified is between those values) so it will react very funny, which is what's giving you your errors.

Are you trying to split the volume in half, or are you trying to split the spherical face of the volume in half (these are two very distinct situations)? Either way, these are the steps as I see them:

Create a face where both the height and width are at least the same size as the diameter of the sphere.

If you're trying to split the spherical face, then go to the split command in the face tools, otherwise if you're trying to split the volume, then go to the split command in the volume tools.

Pick the sphere as the object you want to split, make sure you're using 'split with face' and then pick the rectangular face you want to split the sphere with.

This internal tolerance in Gambit is extremely important and will lead to many problems if not taken seriously. If you're considering geometry where one of the dimensions is less than this tolerance, then it's better to remove that dimension from the geometry (i.e. if a volume's third dimension is too small, then just go with a face... same with a face becoming an edge or an edge becoming a vertex).

Hope this helps, and good luck, Jason

Meenu March 29, 2006 20:09

Re: Split Volume in Gambit
Thanks I was able to do it now.


goyalnn May 2, 2011 22:26

I have created a person (made of different volumes). The person is standing inside a big cube which in itself is a separate volume. I want to study the air flow inside the cube. Do I have to first split/subract or do anything like that with outside volume and the volumes inside it (person) or Can I just go ahead and create edge,face and then volume mesh for the whole thing without specifying any such relation between them?? someone told me it is necessary to split but when Im trying to split the person from the outside volume, it gives me an error "coincident face_face_ints with different body vertices". Can anyone help me??
I would greatly appreciate your response.


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