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Cyril March 28, 2006 08:55

Courant Number - Multigrid level - Residual Smooth
Hi !

I'm trying to simulate a shock wave on a 30mm shell, Mach 2.4.

I'm not using Fluent or a long time and I would like to get some explanations about the "Solution Controls" setting. What does mean Courant Number, Multigrid level, Residual Smoothing, and how to set them ? (does the "smoothing" option helps in adapting the grid for a better accuracy ??)

I'm working under an operating pressure=0Pa, pressure far field 101325Pa/Mach2.4 (for inlet and outlet). Solver coupled/explicit/axi, ideal gaz and laminar.

I tried First Order Upwind discretation scheme, which gives a better convergence. I kept the default courant number(=1).

Many thanks by advance.

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