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Alex March 30, 2006 03:49

Vortex shedding on moving airfoil

I'm trying to visualize the vortex shedding on an airfoil moving sinusodially.

I'm using the segregated solver, with the k-e turbulence model (leaving default settings), I'm computing from the pressure far field, with a Mach # of 0.1. My formulation is implicit, unsteady, velocity= absolute and I'm using 1st order (dynamic Mesh UDF).

My material is air. Energy is on. Operating conditions at std. 101325 Pa.

Does this depend on my dynamic mesh parameters I wonder? spring constant factor=1 boundary node relaxation=0.7 convergence tolerance=0.001

I still can't see the vortex shedding and my cd and cl values are way off.

Can anyone let me know where I'm going wrong. Does anyone have suggestions?



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