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Kerem March 30, 2006 08:59

multiphase system, segmentation violation error
dear all,

i am using eulerian model to simulate a circulating fluidized bed containing sand and air. currently i am using a very simple geometry. it is a rectangular duct, with air blowing from the bottom face, and air-sand mixture exiting from the upper face. there is a total reflux of the sand particles exiting from the top. the reflux occurs from one of the side faces in the bottom section.

i have written an interpreted UDF for evaluating the recirculation, and it had no errors during the interpretation.

the problem occurs during the initialization. when i try to initialize the parameters in the 3d volume -i enter arbitrary values myself- i get the "SEGMENTATION VIOLATION" error.

i suspect there might be some BCs that are not properly defined. could that be the case? or any other suggestions?

it also says "Error object: #f" among many lines in the error log.

thanks for any help in advance.


Kerem April 3, 2006 05:42

Re: multiphase system, segmentation violation erro
it came out that it resulted from a BC type that I used which is not available for the EMMM

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