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Riaan March 31, 2006 22:16

Internal/Interior walls in Gambit/Tgrid
Hello everyone,

Today's problem lol:

I have a hollow duct, and I need to define a face inside the duct (pretty much a cross-section perpendicular to the duct length) which I need to be able to check during my Fluent runs.

Now, normally I will build, and mesh a face here in Gambit - and them import it into T-grid, and set it as interior. Now I go ahead and build a prismatic boundary layer on the duct walls - which splits the cross-sectional face nicely into quad-tri cells.

Now when I mesh the volume - and import it into FLUENT, the importer does not pick up the cross-sectional face?

What should I use for this face - internal/interior? What is the difference?


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