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jojo April 4, 2006 14:52

DynamicLayering in Diesel Simul. with Bowl-In Pist

I am conducting an engine simulation with a mexican-hat bowl-in piston. Hence, the dynamic layering must not be made inside the bowl but above it, at the level of the first horizontal cell layer in the cylinder volume.

Considering the user's guide, I have found no indication on how to specify to Fluent where dynamic layering must insert layers. According to Figs 9.6.27 - 9.6.39, it seems that Fluent needs to put the layers (or remove them) along the piston surface only. This cannot be obviously done if the piston has a complicated shape like a bowl-in combustion chamber.

There should be a work-around as people from Fluent have presented the Caterpillar engine geometry at the ERC-Wisconsin meeting.

Does anyone know how to do?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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