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Jordi April 6, 2006 06:42

My name is Jordi. I am trying to simulate a motorcycle's radiator.

I have a question about how the prism mesh works in T-Grid. I made a mesh in T-Grid and I drew in Gambit all the faces of my prism domain. When I grew up the prism perhaps I have the faces, T-Grid did a prism-cap face and now I have 2 faces (my face and prism-cap face) I would like to know if it is normal or there is some way to do that better than I did.

In the other hand when I put my model in the FLUENT, I get in one of my walls that, My wall name's: TOP_WINGS And I get TOP_WINGS and TOP_WINGS:007. I know when I put a wall in Fluent and this one touch two different kind of types of fluid or solid, the program does a shadow wall. But in my case I get two walls and I cannot use the Coupled function because it doesn't appear.

If somebody could and would help me, I really be grateful.




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