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Guido April 7, 2006 09:09

Problems with multiphase wetsteam model
I'm tring to make a tesi on the nucleation of water in the last stage of LP turbine. I'm using the wetsteam model present in Fluent 2.16 and I face convergence difficulties while solving wet steam flow, also using first order discretization schemes, lower under-relaxation (0.1). I have many problems expecialy with the "wsb" equation. There is some one can help me? Thank you very much! Guido

Gorno April 7, 2006 09:17

Re: Problems with multiphase wetsteam model
it is very difficoult that yuo can have good result in convergence with wet steam model.

salam August 12, 2010 05:07

wet steam model
hello everyone,
I have a real gas contains vapor water as my material that in my model water condensation will occur. please tell me if i can use the "wet steam" model in my simulation. if yes, can I use the srk eos as udf with wet steam model because the pressure in my work is very high.
thanks a lot

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