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Linda April 8, 2006 05:21

Free surface, open channel
I am using the tutorial on to look at the flow over a cylinder. Now I want to have an free surface at the top and my second fluid at the top is just atmo. what I have done so far is:

Turned on Gravity and set the gravitational acceleration in x direction to 9.81 m/s^2

Enabled the volume of fluid model.

Opened the Multiphase Model panel >>> Models Multiphase...

turned on Volume of Fluid.

Under VOF Scheme, I need to select either Implicit, Explicit, or Geo-Reconstruct, which on should I use?

Under VOF Parameters,I have selected Open Channel Flow.

Would that be all the neccessary parameters ? thanks for the help :)

Carnot April 8, 2006 16:18

Re: Free surface, open channel
I guess you want to catch the interface between both your fluids...You have to choose the Geo-Reconstruct scheme. Try to keep the defaults parameters

soy April 10, 2006 11:43

Re: Free surface, open channel
Hi, If you want to run transient simulation, the best is Géo-Rconstruct to catch the interface.(Euler and Géo-reconstruct are necessary in transient mode i remenber) if simulations need too long time, you can try VOF-Implicit in steady-time run.

Other parameter are: -indicate each fluid for the two phases in the panel 'Multiphase' -turn on operating density in 'operating condition' (indicate the lowest denisty of the two fluid) -Indicate inlet and outlet boundary condition for each phase -You have to use Body Weighted solver (if gravity is activated) and PISO (with 0 Skewness correction)

I hope this can help me correct me if error

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