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Mazyar April 10, 2006 17:22

jet of mixture

Thanks for interest in reading this question. I have a simple 2D Jet. The jet is a mixture of 99% air and 1% CO2. The jet spreads within an infinite domain like a large room. So the main domain of the problem is a rectangular zone with a jet as an inlet. I use multi-phase model, either MIXTURE model or Eulerian. The streamlines seem to be correct, however there is almost no CO2 flow at two sides boundaries. All these boundaries are Pressure-Outlet, except the jet exit which is Velocity-Inlet. If you have experience in this area, could you tell me whether modeling a mixture of gas-gas using Multiphase models is appropriate or not? If we can use it in this case, do have any idea why the concentration (volume fraction) of the CO2 is weired? If you are interested I can send you a sketch of the problem and the contours of the cocentrations.

Thanks, Mazyar

Rags April 11, 2006 02:07

Re: jet of mixture
I think you need not to use multiphase model. Only using multispecies model will do. Please set up ur problem again with multispicies model. and then let me know the results

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