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Arnout April 11, 2006 11:34

heat conduction with temperature profile BC's
Hi, I have a problem with simulating heat conduction through a solid, based on experimental measurements. As boundary condition at the bottom I insert a heat flux. The temperature profiles at the other sides were measured and put in the FLUENT model as temperature BC. Now we want to know the heat flux at each point, but this gives strange values. We get positive and negative fluxes at the walss with temperature BC's, and we expect only negative fluxes. What can be the problem? We did not define any fluid side, but I think that this is not the problem.



Chandra Murthy April 14, 2006 08:30

Re: heat conduction with temperature profile BC's
Your problem is looking like inverse heat conduction problem. Fluent cannot solve inverse heat conduction problem, by default. You need to write a UDF, and solve it 1D approach.

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