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Liaquat April 12, 2006 00:52

ANSYS file into Fluent
Hello I have seen an option in the File Import in Fluent where it says ANSYS but when selected, does not read a typical .db or .dbb file from ANSYS. When clicked on File Type in the bottom of files select window, it says ANSYS Prep 7 files. Any idea on what file extension is Fluent looking for from ANSYS. Thanks

philipov April 12, 2006 03:15

Re: ANSYS file into Fluent
See Export instructions in ANSYS. I think you waht to use the mesh from ANSYS into FLUENT.Then export the model into a suitable format.

Chandra Murthy April 14, 2006 08:38

Re: ANSYS file into Fluent
Between ansys and fluent, data can be imported/exported with *.cdb format only.

Liaquat April 16, 2006 13:09

Re: ANSYS file into Fluent
Hello Chandra Thanks a lot for the hint. however, there is no extension option as .cdb in Ansys. When I type this extension myself, ANSYS does save the file as cdb and Fluent tries to open it also but then five error such as bad format. Would you pl guide me exactly through the sequesnce in Ansys and Fluent. Thanks

Chandra Murthy April 17, 2006 10:32

Re: ANSYS file into Fluent
you can use CDWRITE/CDREAD command in ansys to write/read *.cdb file. Refer ansys help for these commands.

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