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Ben Cho April 19, 2006 12:19

Modeling the Effect of Vortex Generators on Wings
Hi all,

I've been trying to model the effect of vortex generators in delaying stall on a NACA0012 wing using fluent. I know that they delay stall since I've experimentally confirmed this, but when I run my cases in FLUENT, I get no effect. This is my case:

Wall bounded flow. k-epsilon tuburbulence model, realizable, enhanced wall treatment, pressure gradient effects. Re = 100 000. turb intensity = 1.5%. turb length = 0.0077m.

Basically, I'm modeling a point where on the old wing, we would be in the post stall region, but in the wing with the voretex generators, I would still be pre-stall.

Note for enhanced wall treatment, my y+ is less than 0.35 for the wing and less than 1.4 for the boundaries.

Any ideas? I'm getting really frustrated :).

Thanks in Advance. Ben

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