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Carlos V. April 19, 2006 18:18

User Defined Scalars - Returning Values
Hi Everybody:

I've a problem. Ive defined two UDS (User - Defined Scalars), each one depending on the other. The first one defines a mass source (sink that simulates the adsorption of a specie) and the second one, the energy equation on a solid. In the mass scalar i've defined the unsteady term and a source term (other terms are null), and for the energy scalar i've defined the unsteady term, the diffusivity term and a source term. I would like to know, how should I do, to introduce this quantities in the fluid phase, since they are all calculated for a solid phase (scalars). I've made two new UDF's using the define_source macro and I've defined and returned each source as beeing equal to the unsteady term of those two scalars. After that, I just selected these UDF's in the Boundary Conditions -> Source Terms -> Mass ; Boundary Conditions -> Source Terms -> Energy. Is This correct?!

Really need help on this!Can anyone help me?Thank you all!

Best regards:

Carlos V.

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