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sam thompson April 19, 2006 21:40

Steady and unsteady solver
Hey guys,

I am totally new to CFD so appologies if this may seem trivial to some of you.

I am modelling windflow around a large number of buildings for my first CFD project. When attempting to solve the solution using a steady state solver, I could not get the solution to converge. I then attempted to solve the problem using a unsteady state solver and managed to get total convergence.

I really want to know why the solution convergerd when using unsteady solver but did'nt using a steady state solver.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Evan Rosenbaum April 20, 2006 12:39

Re: Steady and unsteady solver
First, some flows are inherently unsteady and have no steady-state solution. Second, transient solutions tend to be numerically more stable, and often converge when the mesh is not good enough or the solution controls too restrictive to converge a steady-state solution.

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