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Franckk April 20, 2006 09:51

Refences values and Drag
Which area sould we write in the ref. values to calculate a bullet drag ?

for a basic calculus, I would take the cross sectional area.

But to be very accurate, should I take the : head surface (it's a smooth head, like a diabolo) + outline areas + cap area (botom, near the firing pin) ??

Gurkan April 21, 2006 17:39

Re: Refences values and Drag

Fluent is actually giving the calculated force. So, it's a matter of preference to use any of the areas. If the coefficient is to be compared to some data, then the same reference values (area, velocity, density, etc) should be used.

note: Setting rho = 2 should give the drag force, itself.

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