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Universtiy Paul April 20, 2006 10:22

energy source
I'm creating a custom energy equation for Fluent to solve. Essentially it is the standard density * velocity * Change in enthalpy / displacement. However I need to subtract a calculated amount of energy.

The only way I can do this is by creating an energy source; source = C_R(c,t)*C_W(c,t)*????-(j*Ey);

how do I include the differential and will it actually work, current attemts result in max/min temps occuring in thousands of cells.

Can anyone help?

wicwawa April 20, 2006 12:13

Re: energy source
sorry, part of your text i could not see correctly.

You may try C_R_G(c,t),it is the differential of density

hope it can help


university paul April 20, 2006 14:38

Re: energy source
If I use C_H_G(c,t)will that correctly find the differential of Enthalpy. I looked it up in the UDF handbook however wasnt sure.

wicwawa April 21, 2006 15:15

Re: energy source
sorry , i never use C_H_G(c,t),i am sure it is no problem about C_YI_G and C_R_G, since i have used then. they are differentials in three directions.


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