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Jordi April 21, 2006 04:41

FLUENT Warning
Hi, everybody! I have a problem with an error in FLUENT. When a put my T-Grid-Mesh in Fluent, this report to me this messages:

Building ...


Note: Separating wall zone 192 into zones 192 and 1.

top_wings -> top_wings (192 and top_wings:001 (1) Note: Separating wall zone 197 into zones 197 and 2.

top_wings -> wing_laterals (197 and wing_laterals:002 (2) Note: Separating wall zone 200 into zones 200 and 3.

top_wings -> bottom_last_wings (200) and bottom_last_wings:003 (3)

Warning: Number of nodes read (1760652) does not match number referenced (1750267). Resetting counter to match the number referenced.

I don't know why FLUENT separate the feces in two parts and one of those is named *****:001 for example. If somebody can help me with that, I'll apreciate it. THANKS

CONGRATULATIONS all of you for the great web and everybody who helps the lost guys like me.




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