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Mazyar April 21, 2006 14:33

free turbulent jet

Thanks for your interest in reading my question. I have a 2D free jet problem. For modeling that I have considered a simple rectangular domain. The jet initiates downward with zero turb. intensity from a small portion of the upper edge. Due to the nature of the flow, we expect that we have turbulence at the lower and side boundaries. But when I select Pressure-Outlet BC for those boundaries, I need to specift the turbulence intensities too when there is a back flow, which is not desirable, because I want to find the turb. intensities at the boundaries not to force them. One may suggest that I put the boundaries far away and set the turb. intensity to zero, which is not a very ideal idea since it takes much longer to converge. Anybody has any idea how I can get rid of forcing the Turb. intensities at the boundaries?

Thanks, Mazyar

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