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CFDtoy April 24, 2006 00:33

Mass transport, momentum source and turb K.E

I am doing a scalar transport modeling for a liquid inside a heat chamber..The scalar is the phase change equivalence. Now, I track the phase change when T becomes > T crit and proceeds higher.

At this juncture, i add a momentum term as a function of T-Tcrit. I am ok with this.

I also have a turbulence model incorporated in this procedure.

now, the question arises! I knw that this Source contributes to the turbulent kinetic ..should i add another TKE term as a source..or whtever source i add to the momentum equation would take care of the TKE solving procedure?

So in total, i track the scalar and add source to momentum..should i explicitly add a turb kinetic energy and dissipation rate term to the solver arising due to this scalar?



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