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Claud April 24, 2006 03:58

Surface Chemistry Tutorial
Hello, is there a specific reason for having the exact same order of selected solid species and selected site species in the FLUENT turorial (number 14 in version 2005 on page 14-13)? Thanks for your commments. Claud

rekha April 24, 2006 19:00

Re: Surface Chemistry Tutorial
Hi Claud, I was doing the same tutorial, I read in the guide that the last specie in the selected specie list is taken as bulk specie by Fluent, how the rest of them alloted, no idea. But I had one question, I dont understand how exactly the mass fraction/Surface deposition rate, are calculated by Fluent, its not so clear in the guide. Why is the operating pressure set at 10000 Pa? Thanks rekha

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