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Cloigh April 24, 2006 16:44

Important change for Fluent GUI

I am not happy about the fluent GUI that opens all those little windows everywhere.

Since Fluent is merging with CFX I would like to propose that fluent uses a CFX type GUI filling the whole screen keeping the fluent solver.

If you agree that users should decide what the new code will have/have not and want to profit from this evolution, you could send a request to fluent guys.


Joe April 24, 2006 16:49

Re: Important change for Fluent GUI
Seriously, I fail to understand you people. I mean, look around in the forum and there are several people looking for answers to problems. The least you can do is find one problem that you might have suggestions for and try and help them out.

Instead, someone wants a Fluent T-shirt, someone wants a change in the GUI. I mean, what the hell?

Jiri April 24, 2006 16:59

Re: Important change for Fluent GUI
I agree with Cloigh. The numerous windows opened while postprocessing drive me crazy...

Luca April 25, 2006 04:14

Re: Important change for Fluent GUI
Personally, I don't find Fluent GUI so bad...maybe 'cause I've never seen CFX. Anyway I think there are most impotant things to care about Fluent: the solver, the robustness, stability and so on...I always launch Fluent in batch and for the postprocessing I don't mind Fluent GUI. Luca

Charles April 25, 2006 04:32

Re: Important change for Fluent GUI
Seriously Joe, you need to get out a bit more! And Cloigh's comment is not frivolous. Sure, to an experienced user the GUI is probably not important, but the fact is that the CFX GUI's are really very good, and do help to get the best out of the code. If Ansys does not sell CFX, integrating Fluent into the CFX style GUI would be a very smart thing to do.

J.Gimbun April 25, 2006 09:56

Re: Important change for Fluent GUI
I'm a loyal user of Fluent since I started to use it on 2002. In overall I'm happy with Fluent solver. I also don't mind about the Fluent GUI but I'm not very happy with its mesh generator (Gambit) and post-processor. To me it is important that the 'icon and instruction to operate' remain the 'same' if Ansys sell Fluent (not CFX) and incorporate it into their flagship CFD software, CFX. I mean the new software must not need their existing user to learn the instruction again.

Father Jack April 25, 2006 12:05

Re: Important change for Fluent GUI
Have you seen or tried STAR-CCM+ and it's GUI? I used to use Fluent but now using STAR-CCM+ and the GUI on STAR-CCM+ is head and shoulders above anything else out there.

Thiyagarajandhayalan April 26, 2006 00:16

Re: Important change for Fluent GUI
hi, i do feel the post processing capabilities(like video of DPM particle tracking,path line etc)and the GUI should be improved in fluent.In this way, StarCD GUI is better but post processing procedure is little trivial compared to fluent. regards Thiyaga.

J.Gimbun April 26, 2006 06:29

Re: Important change for Fluent GUI
Hi Jack, I recently try the Star-CCM+ (trial version with limited mesh size) and to me it is impressive and simpler. I would really appreciate if Fluent have such advance mesh generator too (full polyhedra capability).

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