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joegi April 26, 2006 05:12

flapping wings/fishlike propulsion

Currently I'm using an academic software to simulate flappings wings. At this point I would like to compare my results with the results obtained with another software, for instance fluent. I'm wondering if it's possible to do this kind of simulation on fluent.

In a few words, what I need to do is to move my geometry up and down and make it rotate around its spanwise axis, just to simulate the kinematics of a wing. Is this possible in fluent?

I really appreciate your comments and suggestions,



Luca April 26, 2006 05:31

Re: flapping wings/fishlike propulsion
Yes you can by using the dynamic mesh in Fluent. I deal with fluttering wings but I do not the order of magnitude of your displacements. I'm interested in how you deal with flapping wings with your own code. If you want to contact me my mail is: Luca

kelvin April 28, 2006 04:11

Re: flapping wings/fishlike propulsion
this is what I am doing now. my thesis is to simulate the bionic propulsion with FLUENT.

joegi April 28, 2006 09:02

Re: flapping wings/fishlike propulsion
Can you share with us some information?

Astozzia May 1, 2006 12:37

Re: flapping wings/fishlike propulsion
hey there,

I'd be very interested in getting informed about teh way you tackle this problem.

I a simulating the kinematics of a flapping wing also, using Fluent. I am resorting to a compiled UDF and dynamic meshing.

However, whenever I lauch the simulation, there sems to be negative volumes at the first time step...

Does anyone have a clue? Or did anyone encountered the same error? by the way, my mesh is fine before any iteration.

Thx a billion! Astozzia

desantis May 12, 2006 04:12

Re: flapping wings/fishlike propulsion
the reason for the negative volumes is that ur time step size is too large. reduce ur time step size. by the way, my msn: [] i really appreciate anyone who interested in the bionic propulsion to communicate with me.

V. Malolan May 19, 2006 02:23

Re: flapping wings/fishlike propulsion
Hello !

I am trying to use Fluent for flapping wing studies. I wish to know if RNG K-e model with enhanced wall treatment functions will be OK. If any other simpler model will suit it may be better (because unsteadiness eats away all the time and computer resiurces)

desantis May 19, 2006 02:29

Re: flapping wings/fishlike propulsion
In my calculations, i found K-w model is much better.

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