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AdN April 27, 2006 11:10

Use the number of iteration
Hello It's again me, I kno that i post a lot of message, but the user guide of Fluent is not enough for me.

When we use Fluent in unsteady, in solve/iterate... we open the panel of iterate and we can enter the value of time step, number of time steps, and max iteration per time step. My question is: Is there a variable or a function usable in UDF that can see the number of max iteration per time step that we enter? Because I'm trying to launch my function at the end of the last iteration of a time step (or at the begining of the time step). I already use the function offer by the UDF book but it doesn't work in my case, because my function (a DEFINE_SOURCE) must be apply on all cell of my zone Thank you

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