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Dieter April 28, 2006 17:52

Difference between scaled residuals and...
What is the difference between scaled and default normalized residuals?

For the segregated solver: I don't see the difference between formula 26.19-6 and 26.19-7. This are the two formulas for the segregated scaled and normalized residuals in de users guide of Fluent.

But under formula 26.19-6 there is written: "It is sometimes useful to determine how much a residual has decreased during calculations as an additional measure of convergence. For this purpose, Fluent allows you to normalize..."

From these lines in de users guide I understand that there is a difference but I don't see it from the formulas. And when I'm postprocessing my data (unsteady calculation) in the Fluent I don't see any change when I'm changing scaled to normalised and push the plot button.

In formula 26-19-8 they give the definition for the residual of the coupled solver to which time are they differentiating ? For the coupled solver residual I also have the same question what is the difference between scaled an normalized residual? Under formula 26.19-10 there is written: "By default M=5 , making the normalized residual equivalent to the scaled residual." So very strange for me.

Thank you very much for your attention and help.


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