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Chehhat. A May 1, 2006 13:12

the polluant transport
good chance for all I'm trying to treate a problem of a polluant so2 transport in air using fluent, I ask how to define the modele cooresponding to the concentration of so2 in air calculation thanks for all A. Chehhat

rajni May 3, 2006 15:32

Re: the polluant transport
Dear Chehat, Kindly get in touch with me. I am also working ona similar problem - only my contaminant is a non-reactive particle (acyually a bacteria). I'd be interested in getting clues from your work. Regards and thanx.

J.Gimbun May 3, 2006 17:35

Re: the polluant transport
I don'r really understand your (chehhat and rajni) problem. Anyway you (chehhat) might solve it via species modelling (in case of reaction is taking place) if not it might worth to try mixture model. For bacteria (rajni) if you assume them as an inert particle you can try DPM. Hope it help.

Yvonne May 11, 2006 14:29

Re: the polluant transport
I'm working on the transport model too and I'm wondering that if there is direction for the source how can i deal with it?thank you

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