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Shane May 1, 2006 23:48

Modelling water waves with moving wall
Hi. I am trying to create water waves to model a tsunami using Fluent. I am using a UDF to define the motion of one of the walls to create the waves.

Does anybody have information on wave theory as to how the motion of the moving wall relates to the motion of the fluid. Ie for a set sinusoidal motion of the wall with defined period, velocity etc, how does this relate to the period, velocity and height of water displaced? I hopefully just want to use a simple function such as V(t)=Vosin(wt).

Thanks in advance


san May 2, 2006 23:42

Re: Modelling water waves with moving wall

if you vist student fluent web site, there is a example posted on wave generation technique. The name of example file is wave. i hope this will help you to solve this problem.

with regards san

Aussie Shane May 3, 2006 06:22

Re: Modelling water waves with moving wall
Hey, thanks for the reply. I've done the tutorial "Simulation of Wave generation in a tank", is this the file you are referring to. It does contain a c file named wave? In this tutorial there is no information on how the velocity function given was chosen. If this is not the file, can u send it to me at I'm trying to understand how for a desired wave period, wave length, wave height etc for a given depth of water, how to deterimine a suitable function for a moving wall to get my desired wave performance characterisitics.

Many thanks Shane

Oalid May 9, 2006 06:19

Re: Modelling water waves with moving wall
Dear Shane. Kindly can you send me the tutorial of wave you have mentioned in you email My best regards

pablo cornejo May 11, 2006 21:06

Re: Modelling water waves with moving wall
I would like to have that tutorial to.

Can you send it to me at ?

thanks in advance.

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