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sean May 2, 2006 13:50

heat conduction

I'm studying flow over a turbine blade and its internal cooling. I want to determine the temperature gradients across the thickness of the blade. The inner wall of the blade will have fixed temperature. How do you suggest me to define the wall boundary conditions in order to solve the heat conduction through the thickness of the blade?

Thanks you for your help.

J.Gimbun May 3, 2006 18:12

Re: heat conduction
click/set for the temperature on wall BC. make sure energy equation is enabled. if the fluid temperature is changing in a big magnitude just use piece-wise ploynomial or kinetic theory to model Cp, viscosity & density etc. good luck. Jolius

Chandra Murthy May 5, 2006 10:27

Re: heat conduction
flow around a turbine blade is of complex my knowledge there are no heat transfer correlations are available for this kind of situation. a better way to solve this problem is by conjugate heat transfer analysis (solve for both fluid and solid simultaniously)

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