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Holo May 3, 2006 04:18

data export
Could anyone help me with exporting velocity data? I've simulated pipe with periodic zone and i am interested in areas of velocities through periodic zone (doesn't matter, could be any inlet, outlet zone). Exactly as it is on a contour plot of velocity magnitude. But I want to know areas of those contours in the range of interest (ie. 0.1-0.3).

J.Gimbun May 3, 2006 09:50

Re: data export
Just go to plot-xy then set your directional vector then tick on write data, then write *.dat file. You can read the *.dat in any postprocessing software i.e. Techplot or even excel.

Holo May 3, 2006 15:45

Re: data export
Thanks for quick respond. The problem is that my mesh consists of cels of different sizes and I am interested in area of specific welocites ranges. I am using so far the file/export method with both velocity magnitude and Z face area and then counting areas in Excel. The problem is that it is not possible to obtain such a good itnrepolation of areas shapes for whole outlet face. That's why I want it to be done by fluent. Histogram of velocities doesn't help either, becouse it counts numbers of cels not the area (and don't use interpolation).

J.Gimbun May 3, 2006 17:29

Re: data export
Some post-processing software might help you to do that like Techplot or surfer for example. If you grid is 'good' and your 'directional vector' is correct it shouldnt be any problem in the plot.

Holo May 4, 2006 04:20

Re: data export
Thanks a lot. I search the web and I've found tecplot (is this what you mean?). Fluent can save data in its file format and tecplot can cut slices through surfaces and export them to data files as curves. Then the integration can be done even in Excel. So the problem is solved.

J.Gimbun May 4, 2006 04:24

Re: data export
exactly tecplot 10.0.6 with cfd analyser 4. this is a cool software for CFD. good luck.

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