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AdN May 4, 2006 03:48

MASS InJeCtion with UDF
Hello, I just need a precision on a UDF. I want to know how the mass injection work in UDF. I create a DEFINE_SOURCE function that caractarise the injection of mass (kg/m3-s) in a zone of my geometrie. I'm in unsteady problem. Each cell of my zone have a volume of 7*10-6 m3. And I have a time step of 0.01 s. I make a constant injection:

source = 100.

So my question is simple: when Fluent call my function, hich is the mass that will be injected in my cell? In my mind, it would be 100*0.01*7*10-6 = 7*10-6 kg Is it right or not? Thanxxxx

mehmet May 4, 2006 04:41

Re: MASS InJeCtion with UDF
i think u r rigth that should be the mass injected into that cell in 0.01 sec...

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