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Aussie Shane May 4, 2006 06:36

Problems with gambit meshing

I'm new to cfd and am having trouble in implementing a mesh made in gambit to use in fluent. I have 5 different faces which all have different mesh sizing on all edges, as summarised below, or similar to page 8.

___________________ | 200*5=1000elem | |__________________| | 400*10=4000 el | |__________________| | 800*10=8000 el | |__________________| 0.8m | 400*10=4000 el | |__________________| | 200*5=1000 el | |__________________|


The 2d box is to model wave behaviour where the mesh is exagerated in the region of where the wave is acting between the interface of air and water.

My problem occurs in fluent. All of the internal edges in fluent are recognised as walls though i just want fluid between the 4 outer boundaries.

Help please!

Thanks in advance


mAx May 4, 2006 07:18

Re: Problems with gambit meshing
I think you have edges which are not connected. check the connectity

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