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mech May 9, 2006 01:22

mass flow rate----------
hi i am simulating constant area channel flow. It is compressible and follow ideal gas law. I define pressure inlet and pressure outlet. inlet mach number is 0.07 and oulet mach number is 0.15. But after simulation inlet mass number goes down to 0.03 and outlet 0.07. To overcome this problem I want to fix up outlet mass flow rate. But using text command I can not activate it. It gives error:eval:unbound variable Invalid Integer etc. So can anybody suggest me. Thank you in advance. Mech

ravindra May 12, 2006 03:54

Re: mass flow rate----------
hi, if you want to consentrate on mass flow rate , you can try by changing pressure inlet to mass flow inlet and try to solve problem. if you know mass flow rate. in case of pressure inlet only you have to give total and static pressure (if you know) . i am not able to understand how you have given mach no at inlet and outlet. by


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