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T.K. Yang May 9, 2006 02:54

UDF to add two governing equation??

I am studying about EOF in a microchannel. And I need to add two equation to the UDS, one is Poisson-Boltzmann equation, the other is Laplace equation (for external applied electrical field). So I don't need to specsify any flux for my uds, righ?

Now that, I define one diffusivity for uds-0 & uds-1. Just use the index(i) passed to the marco and use a conditional statement to get it to decide which diffusion coeff. to use then return, right?

And I need to pass the result of uds to build up a body force for EOF flow. I directly add the C_UDSI(c, t, i) to the(i=0 or 1) DEFINE_SOURCE. Dose that work?


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