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Kjell Magnusson May 10, 2006 09:31

Tracking the solidification front in Fluent?
I'm currently working on some solidification simulations, and I wonder if there's some way to accuratly track the solidification front in a single component/eutectic system.

As it is, I get a mushy zone, which seems to be an artifact of the calculations (using a finer grid decreased the thickness of the mushy zone, keeping it the same number of cells in thickness).

Now, since the possibility of a mushy zone, and it's size, is very much of interest to me, simply plotting the reults with the areas with a liquid fraction above 50% as liquid, and the rest as solid, wouldn't be very good for me.

Now, from what I've found in the users manual, it would seem that one can't track the interface in detail, but I'd thought it would be best to ask, in case someone's managed to do somethign clever with UDF's or some such.

The more detailed the better, if I can track morphology as well then it would be perfect, but I'd be happy with anything.


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