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chris May 10, 2006 18:07

cavitation menu is not showing
When I want to define the 'multiphase Model' only half of the pannel is showing. In other words the 'Interphase Mass Transfer' is Not showing so I can't not choose 'cavitation' and its parameters. Pls somebody help me on this problem. FYR I am a novice of Flunent.

mateus May 11, 2006 01:54

Re: cavitation menu is not showing

If you use Fluent 6.1 the menu should appear when you click on the "mixture model".

In fluent 6.2 you must first set the mixture multiphase model then go to "Define-Phases" click on phase-1 and then click interaction. In the menu click "mass" and then click on "cavitation" - you define all the parameters here...

Hope it helps MATEUS

Chris May 11, 2006 12:43

Thanks a lot!
Mateus, I used 6.1 manual with 6.2 s/w. You help me a lot Thanks.

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