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JW May 10, 2006 22:48

How to model Object to cool in an Air Stream
Hi, I want to use Fluent to analysis cooling an object. Product: A container with water. Weight 1 kg, Initial temperature of Product 30Deg C and Final Temp to be measured using Fluent.

This product is placed inside a Duct and supply Air stream temperature is 10Deg C.

Does any one know how to model the above Product to check Temperature profile?

Note: I tried to model air stream as Fluid and water in the container as Fluid. But this did not work. Ie there is no change in the temperature of the object.

Thanks JW

Ralf Schmidt May 11, 2006 02:11

Re: How to model Object to cool in an Air Stream

first of all, is it really neccessary to model the water as fluid?? Does the air stream applies any motion to the water??

When the air stream just produce little waves, I would neglect that and model the water container as solid.

Second, when your flow is turbulent (!), one very importand parameter is the grid close to the wall of your container. check the Fluent manual "modelling turbulence", especially the near wall treatment section.

third, have you done a unsteady calculation? If not, there can not be any change in temperature...

Hope, it helps Ralf

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