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kiran May 11, 2006 15:22

help with gambit
I installed FLUENT/Gambit on my PC but I'm not able to run it since I don't have an X-server. is there any alternate method to run FLUENT/Gambit other than Hummingbird Exceed? Thanks in advance, Regards.

Steve Silvester May 12, 2006 10:55

Re: help with gambit

X-windows is not part of the Windows OS which is why Gambit requires Exceed for windows. Fluent should be ok though. One alternative if you haven't got access to Exceed is to install a Linux OS alongside your windows OS - I run SUSE Linux (free download) alongside XP and it works very well.


kiran May 12, 2006 13:49

Re: help with gambit
thanks a lot for ur help...will try n see if it works for me. thanks again, Regards.

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