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J.Gimbun May 13, 2006 12:30

Couldn't re-open a fluent case
Hi Fluent user, I have my case and data file iterated until for some time then I save them using write 'case and data' in GUI. Sooner after that I couldn't re-open the file and it give me the error message as shown below. For your information the grid innitially 'fail' but I have fixed them using TUI (modify-zones/repair-face-handedness) before solving the problem. The grid itself contain 3 pairs of interface surface. I've face a similar problem before with a half-domain (simplified) grid and tought that it might go away if I model a full domain, anyway the problem is still persist. I suppose someone migh face the similar problem before, so I'm looking forward for your suggestion about this issue. Thanks in advance.

Error message ------------------------------------------------------ Building...

grid, Cell Centroid is xc 0.014587 yc 0.000032 zc 0.002573WARNING: no face with given nodes. Thread 3, cell 45412 Error: Build_Grid: grid error.

Clearing partially read grid.

Error: Null Domain Pointer

Error Object: ()

J.Gimbun May 14, 2006 11:12

Re: Couldn't re-open a fluent case
I would like to share the lesson with everybody in this forum. I've ask to Fluent about this problem last few week ago but they don't have any solution too. At the meantime I have remesh and redraw my domain several time. Finally I got it right. I think it due to the complicated grid interface that I use to generate a 100% hex grid. My new domain is rather simple but it is not an excellent mesh anyway as I've use the hybrid grid in some part of the grid.

san May 15, 2006 00:04

Re: Couldn't re-open a fluent case

I wanted to know how to generate a hybrid Mesh. If you can share your ideas, it will be very helpfull to me.

with regards sangamanath

J.Gimbun May 15, 2006 03:48

Re: Couldn't re-open a fluent case
Hi san, you can generate a hybrid mesh by just separating your volume by interior or interface.

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