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Logesh May 13, 2006 17:10

Hypermesh file to Fluent

We have a flow passage to be analyzed for flow performance. The 3-D flow region involes moving reference.The cavity is prepared in I-deas software.Then it is meshed in Hypermesh.

We have meshed fluid cavity in hypermesh with CFD meshing feature (CFD meshing feature - Putting boundary layer mesh around the walls and growing the mesh gradually to core).

Then we created Inlet and outlet regions by selecting node sets in the hypermesh. Then for the interface regions, we created another node set and assigned a name interface.

Then we had a different element collector (Moving reference frame regions and rest of the regions).

When we imported this using ANSYS CDB option (Hypermesh can export ansys CDB option), we had inlet and oulet surface. Then default interior, exterior and interface and corresponding shadow regions.

In this regard, I have following doubts,

1) I don't have structural regions, then why shadow regions are there in the fluent?

2) I have created differnt element collector set, to identify and assign moving reference frame a certain velocity. But it came together with rest of the domain as default interior. Now how to identify those elements and assign a speed for simulating moving reference frame conditions.

Note: Before proceeding with this bigger domain, We have explored with 2-D and things have worked better between Hypermesh and fluent. With that confidence, we proceeded further for the 3-d application problem..

Is anyone, can help me in this regard...

Meanwhile, I am trying to resolve this issue with our local Altair and Fluent support.If there is anything positive, I will share in this discussion forum.

Have a nice week end.

Regards, Logesh.E

hamid sharif November 30, 2011 14:46

look for answer!
I involve with this problem...
Is there anyone that can solve the problem of defining boundary condition in fluent by set of nod?
let me know,please


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