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Astrid May 14, 2006 18:41

saving animation setups
Hi all,

I am getting sick and tired of redefining my animation frames over and over, each time I start a new transient case. Is there a way to save these frames (pressure, velocity and grid) and reread them for a new run?

Thanks beforehand, Astrid

Steve Silvester May 15, 2006 04:54

Re: saving animation setups

You can save the actual frames from the animate playback panel by setting write/record to 'animation frames' and hitting 'write'. You'll get a .cxa and a bunch of .hmf files which you can read in on a separate run and playback. To get it to start recording more frames on a separate run using the same animation definition you can use a journal file recording the steps you took to initially define the animation. Just read it in and it'll perform all the tedious define animation steps for you.

Hope this helps


Astrid May 15, 2006 09:05

Re: saving animation setups
Hi Steve,

This helps. Making a journal file does the trick.

Thanks, Astrid

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