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Luk May 15, 2006 07:09

Cooling problem
Hi all, Few days ago I placed here my notice of problem with cooling a solid body and have the solution but it is unacceptable. I have a geometry shaped of brick with the hole (solid metal body of initial temperature 100C) and cylinder symbolizing water (0C of inlet temperature). The cylinder matches hole in brick to ensure flow and cooling of the solid brick by cold water. I am interested in monitorin of temperature fall of the brick in time and heatin up the water. Both of these bodies are separately meshed and combined into one with tmerge. The shadow wall between them is properly created. I created all demended setting (materials, models etc). When I start the solver the monitors (volume mean temperatures) indicates cooling of the solid and heating up the water but it is unrealistic very slow (about 0.1C in time of one minute). Can anyone suggest any key factors (like BC's) that I could use to get more realistic solution? P.S. Flux Report indicates high heat transfer through the shadow wall (94930535) but 0 from the brick.

Thanks, Luk

Chandra Murthy May 15, 2006 12:44

Re: Cooling problem
have you tried without non-confirmal mesh?...

Jordi May 19, 2006 03:25

Re: Cooling problem
Hi Luk, I am working in a rdiator model. Wind tunel with a tub inside. In the wind tunnel there are air and inside the tub there are water. I got some good results if you want make some especific questions. U can ask me! In case my e-mail is , if you want to send me anything.

See you soon,


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