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Sara May 15, 2006 13:21

How to time simulations
Hey all grizzled Fluent experts,

Not a really difficult question I imagine, but I pose it anyway:

How do I time simulations (both steady and unsteady) in Fluent? Preferably some output connected to the hardware clock, but any relative time measurement would do.

Best Regards

Amr May 16, 2006 00:02

Re: How to time simulations
Hey Sara,

Not being this sort of expert as well, you need to activate the unsteady option in the "Define > solver" menu. Then, you could choose whether you adopt 1st or 2nd order formulations (for time descritization).

Cheers, Amr

Steve Silvester May 16, 2006 04:15

Re: How to time simulations

If you want to time iterations (in terms of CPU time) see - Though you need to input the number of iterations you wish to be timed.

Also, in parallel, you can use the Parallel>timer function. You can always run a serial job in parallel on just one processor, it does pose an additional load adding to the time slightly, but if it's relative measurements between your cases it'll be ok.


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