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leungzhang May 16, 2006 10:23

HELP!about XY plot curve length
i use XY plot to display the wall shear stress of a column-surface,i want to use "curve length" as the X axis,but it give me warning as "cannot polt along curve length in **wall",why? in this case, can i use curve length? 1/3 circumference of the column-surface in the case above!

Steve Silvester May 16, 2006 11:46

Re: HELP!about XY plot curve length

There are limitations as to the applicability of the use of curve length in xy plots (such as having more than one closed loop on the surface). I'm not sure exactly of the surface geometry you're trying to plot on. Check out the section on xy plots in the fluent manual which will give you full limitations which you should be able to relate to your own geometry, section 29.8.2.


mazdak July 11, 2012 00:36

i want to create a curve near a bend's wall to find y+.
could u please let me know how can i create a curve in fluent?

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