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siao fei May 16, 2006 17:29

COMSOL or Fluent ?
Hi everyone,

I am new with CFD analysis. I have a few questions about COMSOL and Fluent:

1) What is the difference between COMSOL and Fluent. Do they have the same function?

2) In your opinion, which program will be better for oil and gas industry. ie, i need to deal with sloshing model and flow model.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

siao fei

Astrid May 17, 2006 14:55

Re: COMSOL or Fluent ?
Forget COMSOL. This is easy to use for small problems (academic, 2D, etc) but not for realistic cases. You should either consider one of the large suppliers like ANSYS-CFX, Fluent, StarCD.......


Mac May 17, 2006 20:56

Re: COMSOL or Fluent ?
I agree. If you're more in the 'Open source'[1] or more rigorously 'Free software'[2] spirit, I would highly recommend using OpenFoam[3]. I've been a Fluent user for about 3 years now, and I'm making the transition to OpenFoam simply because it offers me more freedom to tweak every aspect in detail.

[1] [2] [3]

Ze May 18, 2006 16:55

Re: COMSOL or Fluent ?
Is openfoam a software to simulate foam and foaming flows?

Mac May 18, 2006 21:09

Re: COMSOL or Fluent ?
No. If you read the webpage correctly, you'll see that it is a general purpose CFD code that can even do DNS if you want. It has most capabilities already. Interface tracking VOF, Eulerian bubbly flows, etc. etc.

rk_k67 August 29, 2011 23:44

Hi MAC ,

I dont know any thing about C++ (which openfoam is based ) . I want to use the VOF level set method . Do I need to learn C++ in order to use openfoam ? or is it just as like using commercial codes with no GUI ?


-mAx- August 30, 2011 06:55

if you don't want to developp your own solver, you don't need to learn C++.
Just use solvers which are already available.

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