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Jiri Novak May 18, 2006 06:26

look-up table for wet steam
Hi folks!

i have a question from turbomachinery. I need help with setting wet steam properties by means of look-up tables providing discrete values for certain property interval instead of demanding analytical computation. Each table (usually this three : T(p,h), v(p,h), S(p,h)) is based on 2D diagram, and provides fitting value from closest interval by suitable UDF. During the CFD computation, the values are alocated in the memory or simply in the text file. I want to write the UDF for this problem. Does anyone know how to do this and can offer any help?

Sam June 2, 2006 01:45

Re: look-up table for wet steam
Try this link

It has concise steam tables that can be looked up free for both wet steam and saturated steam

salam August 12, 2010 04:49

wet steam udf
hello everyone,
can I use srk eos as udf with "wet steam" model for a high pressure real gas?
thanks alot

salam August 12, 2010 05:02

wet steam model
hello everyone,
I have a real gas contains vapor water as my material that in my model water condensation will occur. please tell me if i can use the "wet steam" model in my simulation. if yes, can I use the srk eos as udf with wet steam model because the pressure in my work is very high.
thanks a lot

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