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Olek May 19, 2006 11:21

modelling shattering of a droplet using DPM
Dear Forum People!

I am trying to model the shattering of droplets, i.e. blasting of a droplet into smaller droplets after it hits a wall. I decided to use DPM approach for that.

I can find FLUENT macros to deal with the droplet after it strikes the wall, for example, I can make it disappear or i can change its velocity vector to make it rebounce. It can be all done within the DEFINE_DPM_BC subroutine.

The question appears how can I introduce many droplets, i.e. secondary droplets, in the place where the primary droplet strikes. It takes place when the droplet hit the wall with high velocity. It seems the answer can be provided by using DEFINE_DPM_INJECTION_INIT subroutine. I have to , however, hook this subroutine in FLUENT providing information if it is a surface , single, group or atomizer type of injection (hope you know what im writing about). I have tried to use this subroutine to form injections of small satelite droplets that orginate from the same point (as it occurs in shatteing) and i have not managed.

Maybe some of you have met the same problem and hopefully some solution to it as well?

Best Regards


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