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Pete Willemsen May 19, 2006 17:00

Integrating Scheme with a FLUENT journal file
I'm trying to take a FLUENT journal file and augment it with Scheme instructions so it repeats the journal file a set number of times. Is there any trick to getting this to work?

The reason I ask is that I've taken our journal file that FLUENT created and put a Scheme do loop around it to execute a set number of times. What ends up happing is the contents of the loop get printed to the screen, but the simulation does not run. If I remove the loop and just execute the journal file, the FLUENT simulation works fine (but for 1 iteration).

Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong? Also, are there any good references for Scheme integration with FLUENT? About the best I can find is a German PDF file.

Thanks. Pete

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