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Vidya Raja May 20, 2006 23:31

Meshing problem in GAMBIT

I'm trying to mesh a complex geometry in GAMBIT. I have a model of a valve and leaflet 9both created in Pro/E) and now I have to mesh it and do a CFD analysis. For this, I exported the Pro/E file to GAMBIT as a STEP file, then created a cylinder in GAMBIT and my model is enclosed inside the cylinder. This cylinder is supposed to simulate an artery in the human body.

I then subtracetd the model volume from that of the cylinder volume to get the flow domain. I then tried to mesh the geometry using sizing functions. But I get errors that say:

1. A sizing function is already associated with the volume. Thus it will be ignored during meshing.

2. The max limit for tetrahedral meshing is 100000 and hence meshing is incomplete.

3. Also, a few of the faces could not be meshed. Hence the meshing was incomplete.

Can someone tell me how to get around these problems? Also, please tell me how to split the volume into smaller volumes to aid meshing? On what basis do we select the faces with which the volume can be split?

Is there any way by which I can post my file on this forum. Perhaps someone could take a look at my file and tell me what's wrong.

Thanks, Vidya

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