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Rekha May 21, 2006 09:25

Fuel cell
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to simulate a Fuel cell, sets of equations for the transport phenomena within each layer ( gas channels, gas diffusers, catalyst layers, membrane) are given.

But the entier domain is divided into three domains according to the phases of the fluid. Cathode gas channel-gs diffuser-catalyst layer for the air mixture, the cathode gas diffuser- catalyst layer-membrane-anode catalyst layer- gas diffuser for liquid water, the anode gas channel-gas diffuser-catalyst layer for hydrogen.

(1) All the three domains have thier own coordinate system, How can I define such a domain in Gambit?

(2) There will be electrons and protons in the reactions occuring, how can I define them in Fluent?

(3) There are phase potential equations given for the membrane layer, how can fluent solve them also?

(4) There are two phases in the diffuser and catalyst layers, which model should I use?

(5) How can I define humid hydrogen and air in fluent?

If someone can help I will be really grateful! feel free to ask me if something is needed to answer anyof the above.


PEM May 21, 2006 09:59

Re: Fuel cell
Fluent is not great for hydrodynamics multiphase flows or combustion but it definitly is the best and number one code for fuel cells or flow in porous media. Ask the fluent support for example they have plenty of them, ask the experts...

Rekha May 23, 2006 12:11

Re: Fuel cell
Hi, no other suggestions!!!

I dont want to use the Fluent PEM fuel cell model, I want to do it through UDF's. Thanks again! Rekha.

MASOUD November 24, 2009 02:56

I'm working on molten carbonate fuel cell which is not included in addon-module in Fluent. Any idea whether I have to use multiphase model or not?

bob12 November 24, 2009 11:46

hi another person that use fluent for simulate fuell cell, and without the addontion model you can't simulate the elettro-cheistry simulation.

tschump November 25, 2009 15:18

"Fluent is not great for hydrodynamics multiphase flows or combustion".

Thank you for sharing what seems a totally uninformed opinion. By the way multiphase is a very vast subject (as is combustion), so global statement like these really bring nothing to the debate...

Anyway back to the subject, it is perfectly possible to do fuel cell simulations without the dedicated module, but that will definitely require a knowledge and amount of work that may not be available to everyone. Be prepared to use UDFs and scheme if you want to customize the interface. After all, there is a reason that there is a paying module to do that...

For people that have the module and want to do non-standard electrochemistry, there is always the possibility to customize the module: there is a modifiable .c file in the addons/[module name]/src directory. You won't be able to change everything, but it may worth a try.

asubajingan December 14, 2010 10:54

humidity can be controlled in the concentration of H2O
UDF must be used to simulate the reaction in the catalyst (it's the hard actioan)

elemad1987 February 22, 2012 19:21

I want to use the Fluent PEM fuel cell model, how I can get it.
Any one can send it to me.

ahmed elnozahy October 13, 2013 08:13

SOFC fluent model
I want to use the fluent model of Solid oxide fuel cell.......any one can send it to me?

A CFD free user October 13, 2013 15:35

What do you mean of saying " send it to me" ?
Make it more clear.

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