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jwwang May 22, 2006 00:48

access drag coeff and udf for granular temp
Hello, Does any body know how to access drag coefficient in Eulerian granular model, I find a Macro C_DRAG_COEFF_IJ(c,t,i,j),but i didn't know what is the meaning of i and j,and how to set it?

another problem is about UDF for granular temperature in Eulerian model,i write a UDF to test it,which is given below,but when i use display\contours\granular temperature, the reported granular temperature is 0.1 for all cells,Could somebody tell me what wrong in my UDF? thank you in advance!! jwwang

DEFINE_PROPERTY(granular_temperature,c,t) {

real granular_tem;


Message ("granular_tem=%f\n", granular_tem);

return granular_tem; }

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